I’m simply a broken human who did not know she was broken.

Mars is the only planet solely inhabited by robots

Every time I speak negatively about myself the initial reaction is people try to convince me about the opposite. I’m an asshole. Everyone says I’m not. There’s only been one person who said not to talk about myself like this. One. He never said I wasn’t, he didn’t try to prove I’m not. He said not to talk about myself this way. Not to say something like this about myself.

It helps keeping the milk in the bottle while shaking it if you screw the lid back on.

If chocolate can’t ease the pain you’re in you must be in big trouble.

No matter how many friends you have if you don’t love yourself you’ll always be lonely.

Enlightenment: insight or awakening to the true nature of reality, e.g. the moment you realise what a gigantic idiot you are.

Heart rules over brain.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.

My secret spiritual power is LOVE

Leave your past’s bitches behind.


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