Tom and Jerry cartoons on television are being accompanied by a warning that they may depict scenes of “racial prejudice”.

The classic cat and mouse cartoons, some made more than 70 years ago, carry a warning for subscribers to Amazon Prime Instant Video. There have been claims of racist stereotyping in the depiction of a black maid in the cartoon series.

Full article available on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-29427843

WHAT???!!! I was able to understand and accept the violence in the cartoon as it is. It seemed funny when I was a kid but since then the environment around us changed and became more violent so children may interpret it the wrong way and use pans to hit each other which is cool in the cartoon but not so cool in real life. But racism??? Seriously??!! Just because the maid who is seen in like 10 episodes during the whatever number of shows has a dark brown skin. Someone has to do that job and that’s it. It’s not racism. What if the maid is white, sorry, Caucasian, as I guess the PC word for this? Then will member of any other races protest against Tom and Jerry as they’ve been completely left out of the cartoon? At least other than white skin colour has been shown in the cartoon.

It all depends on what parents teach to their children. Seeing a black maid won’t form the picture in kids’ minds African people are a lower class, or Indian or Asian or any other ethnicity. If the parents bring up their children in the sense of equality it won’t matter what skin colour is doing what jobs. But the current tendency doesn’t seem to be this, unfortunately.

We seem to prejudice people with darker skin colour than white but we hail those who use fake tan to have a darker skin colour. Is there any logic left in this world???

(by the way, that duck is not my photo. I can’t give the credits to anyone as I found it online but it’s not mine. So the owner of it has all the credits. I just think it’s really cute!)


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