Fat, glorious fat!!! And ‘chocolate’, delicious ‘chocolate’!!!!
Fat is important for the body and for healthy living. Some vitamins, A, D, E and K need fat to be absorbed in the body. We also need fat for healthy skin and hair. (I’m using Wikipedia as my scientific source – http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat )
But we also need to be aware of healthy and unhealthy fats as if we take unhealthy fat too much that’s just as bad as not taking any fat.
Healthy (unsaturated) fat source are
Nuts and seeds
Fish like sardines or salmon
Sunflower and olive oil

Another interesting article about fats and how to reduce saturated fat intake, what to look out for, etc:

Unsaturated fat can also be found in fruits and vegetables like avocado.

As I noticed in recent weeks I barely eat any fat and I decided I have to do something. So I added nuts into my daily diet.
It also adds to the much needed calories.
So that’s what I have in the drawer:


And the much needed ‘chocolate’ as that’s something I need. I realised I actually don’t need chocolate but something sweet satisfies my craving. Like a bar of Nakd which is a raw bar made of nuts, dates and other fruits. It’s a healthy alternative to the ordinary chocolate bars. There are several different taste of bars like chocolaty and berry, plenty to eat.


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