I was supposed to have exams this week but on Sunday I came down with a 24-hour but which still affects me: diarrhoea and vomiting. I call it 24-hour because my friends only had it for that long. A day or two but I’ve been suffering from it for 5 days now.

The most unusual type of food calms my stomach: orange juice, yoghurt, a banana so far.

I also came across an obstacle in calorie counting: how am I supposed to know what my calorie intake is if a part of it comes out within minutes of eating?? And on Monday I fell into a little bit of binge-eating: I ate 4 whole doughnuts. It was so yummy. And then I added them to my diary and I got shocked: more than 900 calories!!!! 4 doughnuts are practically a day’s food portion! And obviously that didn’t come out!!!

But I managed to take a really nice picture of my legs. Well, one leg is nice and slim. It’s awesome!!!


I talked to my sister-in-law about N as well and she said to keep him as a target for my diet, he might just really want me slimmer so he’s my motivation. And the slim legs… I want my legs to be as slim as on the picture without any smart posing. I know it’s silly but this way it works. Both the legs and him. OK, mainly him as a motivation.

I also figured it out the reason why my bug is lasting this long is probably the stress-factor I have. I’ve always been stressed before exams but I was able to manage it but since I came down with depression I’m not able to coop the way I want and that might be the reason why I’m still suffering. I ought to find a solution for this problem because it’s just not a way to live on. I don’t even feel high stress level or anything but it might be.

The other day I came across a lovely quote on facebook, I don’t know who it is from but I just have to share it.

If you are able to start your day without caffeine and cigarette
If you’re always nice regardless how achy your are
If you’re able to manage your stress without medical help
If you can relax without alcohol or weed
If you can say you have no prejudices
Then you nearly reached the level of evolution where your dog is


I’m clearly not a dog yet…


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