I’m superslim!!!!!! Ok, maybe not yet but my friend gave me a pair of trousers and I couldn’t ever fit myself in it because I could easily put my palm between the buttons and the buttonholes and ta-damm!  I’ll be  wearing it today!!!!!!!!! YEAY! I’M SUPER AWESOME!!!!
I’m out of office for a few days as I’m preparing for exams. If I’m not in the office I don’t eat as regularly and I don’t have a usual daily routine. I skipped breakfast as I wasn’t really hungry but I had two lunches. I walked 3 miles in the morning with my friend and her kids. We had a lunch then, some green pea soup and sweet rice cooked in milk. I’m sure it has a proper name in English bit I can’t recall it at all now and I’m very tired to search for that. I’ll explain why. So then I went home and I ate a huge portion of penne with parsley and olive oil. I just love pasta in any way, with or without sauces…
Then I walked home from school in the evening which was another 2 miles and we went out for a 3.5 miles walk in the evening. So all in all I walked more than 8 miles today. And although I ate and I’m not feeling hungry I burnt more calories than I ate. Ooops


I took more than 22000 steps today. My knee is a bit achy and I’m totally exhausted…
So I just crash out but I feel really proud of myself for managing my calorie burn and intake so well today. OK,  it’s not healthy on a long term and not my target for every day but it feels very good every once in a while. 😉


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