I’ve just received the below request from a colleague of mine. As my beloved sister-in-law has just recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer (luckily she’s on the way of recovery) and I know other people who had to fight against this disease it is a really important thing to raise awareness for signs of cancer, to help research on cancer and to support charities who help people and their families fight against cancer and in some cases to deal with the inevitable consequences. I think it’s a good cause to share and donate to:


In November this year, I will be trekking across the Sahara for the charity Hospiscare with two friends. It’s going to be an incredible experience but a tough one too. We will be enduring high temperatures in the day, cold chills in the night and trekking 25 miles a day for 6 days.

Hospiscare is an incredible charity helping families through one of the most difficult times of their lives offering compassion support and care. Unfortunately most of us will be affected by someone suffering from a terminal illness in our lifetime, and Hospiscare is one of those charities that are always there when you need them the most.

All money I raise will go straight to the charity and stay in Devon for Hospiscare as we have already paid all our cost.

Any Donation towards my target will be massively appreciated. Please visit http://www.justgiving.com/Rosanne-Cooke1

Thank you.

 P.S Don’t worry there is a refund if I die en route. As I have already been asked.



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