This was a really busy week. After my exam last Friday I pretty much did nothing on the weekend because I was really exhausted.
Work was just manic as well but at least my dieting is going well. Somewhat. Well, ok, this was a strange week. I think my colleagues are sabotaging my diet. We had a charity bake day in finance on Tuesday (we eventually managed to raise more than £200 for Cancer  Research UK) and we had shed loads of various cakes:


Yeah, I know. And this one doesn’t have all the cakes. So I had a slice of cake for breakfast. And that was just the beginning. Then I was binging on rocky road and macaroon. It felt so good. They were oh so yummy! And in the evening came the regression: I ate way too much calories. So I did an extra workout,  which is called PiYo. It’s the mixture of pilates and yoga. I did the first session for lower body. It looked easy and it was rather an intensive yoga session. It wasn’t easy as it turned out and we were sweating hard with my friend but we liked it. The next day I felt my muscles aching but it was ok. I went our running in the evening and I managed to run all my 90 seconds sessions. I was exhausted and really proud. Then came Thursday morning.
Everything was achy. I could barely move, bending was nearly impossible. Sitting down and standing up was painful, stairs,  oh boy, they were like climbing the Mt Everest. My lovely colleagues noticed it and they kindly put all my stuff on the floor. Very considerate of them. I didn’t really like this idea.
As I ate two packs of mini cheddar I decided to walk home to burn calories.
4500 steps, 40 minutes. And then I walked in the evening as well. Surprisingly no achy muscles next day. So running in the evening again and after that another PiYo session. Sweating and burning muscles but I was ok next day.
Except I saw N. Just the pure sight of him brought all memories back and I dreamt with him again and on Sunday I had the first bad morning for a while. I knew I’m not over him but I was surprised the effect to be so strong.
The other thing that put me out of balance was an invitation. Actually the lack of one to a party where my friends have been invited to and was arranged by people I thought to be friends. I guess with time you learn who are the ones who are real friends and care for you and who are those who just pretend.
But at least I had a nice catch up with real friends and a nice pizza for dinner. And a few nice cocktails…
So nothing is really happening…


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