The definition of my kind of experimental cooking is ‘think of a food you’d like to try, change some ingredients and add something you may think to be good’
Important note: do it mostly in desperate times. In case it goes wrong. You’ll eat it anyway.
So I tried a very basic food today and a very basic version of that: egg – fried rice. I didn’t want to put any vegetables in it for the moment because I wanted to taste how the base composition taste like. Oh yeah, I replaced rice with buckwheat.
What can I say?! The only luck I had is I was very hungry:


I know, it looks gross. Moreover it taste gross. Although it’s partly my fault. I put too much eggs in it and not enough salt.
I might give it another go with less egg and some onion and peas…
And I make sure I’ll be very hungry again. You know, just in case something goes wrong. Again.


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