Thursday I fell. I lost a battle against sugar rush and I ended up going into a binge-eating craze. I ate a Bounty, and two cheese twists. And two tomato and garlic swirls. And two pecan-maple syrup plaits. I know. All together like 2000 calories. I felt bad and ashamed. On the other hand they tasted so good!!! But I don’t feel proud of giving in. I just take it that it happened, next morning I got up, pulled myself together. As a matter of fact I felt perfect, I knew I had the strenght to keep up with my diet (again) and I felt perfect. I found the right dress to wear, make up was perfect, so was the hair. I felt Exeter-20140711-00485so amazing. So I thought I’d share it with my friends and then I noticed my hair is having a day, so the moment if perfection was gone by those curly-whirly locks of hair.

Nonetheless I still felt good. So I kept smiling. Somehow the previous night’s failure made me stronger.

So when I got home after work I went out running. I ran 8 minutes. After Tuesday’s 5 mins it felt great. I mean I didn’t feel great, I was utterly exhausted and in pain, all the muscles achy but I was feeling good that I went out and made it and that I run longer, I was able to ran longer and that made me feel good.

So next day I went to do my healthy grocExeter-20140712-00524ery shopping and I walked home with all this stuff on my back. A ‘gruelling’ 40 minutes walk, burning 300 calories. I was soaking wet by the time I got home and burning muscles again. This only shows how unfit I am as it shouldn’t be this hard to walk home. So it means I still have a long way to go but I’m determined to be healthy and fit.

Buying healthy food and being conscious about how I eat and what I eat and what I do is just the first step. Losing weight is important, that’s part of the getting healthy part. Obviosuly it’s not going to happen from one day to another and there’ll be many failures on the road, days when I just can’t be bothered to keep up with the diet or resist another sugar-rush but I don’t think that’s a problem. The question is how often! If I fail every day that’s a problem, then it’s not going to work. If I fail every once in a while that’s fine.

I try to get into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and eat the food I like, including chocolates and deserts and drinking wine, so pretty much living a normal life. Being an average person on my own crazy terms.

As you might see from the grocery shopping I’m kind of obsessed with yogurts at the moment and all I want to eat all the time is yogurts. It’s a great snack, great substitute for deserts and if you choobreakfastse the right one it’s low calorie. And I think they’re healthy as well. So this morning I had a really light breakfast, pepper, tomato, a little bit of cheese and YOGURT!!!
On a small plate, cut into little pieces  (the pshycology of eating). It was OK and as for the yogurt part it was great! I think Liberte is a new brand of yogurt and I tried it and I’ve fallen in love with it. So far. I tried the Greek style with honey, Greek style with blueberry, Greek style and they’re all delicious.

It’s not a huge breakfast, it’s rather something to keep me going for a while until lunch which is appearing soon. I think I’ll have some rice with courgette, onion and tofu and for desert, well, maybe some more yogurt??!!


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