The new diet is going somewhat well.
Running Tuesday done
Running Wednesday – not done but it was replaced by an hour walk from town to home.
Everything hurts. My bum mainly and my thighs. So we can put it as done as well.
Calorie limit – Monday below, Tuesday below, Wednesday way over (because of the lunch and a small glass of beer)
Now I’m on Thursday.
Seriously, everything hurts. The first few steps are utter pain but after that it’s kind of OK. As my lunch is a proper calorie filled soup with 552 kcal, I have to walk in the evening as well. Another hour to get home. All for the greater good.
And first time this week I have a proper sugar rush. I mean it!
I’m not hungry. I’m nearly full but I want my chocolate! REAL CHOCOLATE! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
It’s the worst part of every diet when you get these sugar rushes and you have to make your body and brain understand you’re not giving in. No chocolate, no sugar, no ice-cream, no doughnuts, nothing. There’s a nice fruit salad, I can eat it in half an hour and that’s eat. Silly brain, don’t you understand you’re on diet and no chocolate is allowed?
And the yummy taste of a Bounty bar, with the soft chocolate as it’s melting in your mouth and the sweet coconut in it, the delicious sweet combination they make. It’s like manna. You feel you’re on a sandy beach, far away from the office under a coconut tree, no more dieting, you’re perfect and feel good and you have the most amazing stock of chocolates and no matter what you do you can just eat them, you’re not gonna gain any weight.
SLAP! I just want to crawl under the desk and cry. I need a chocolate or any unhealthy food. Healthy life doesn’t seem to be a good choice now. Not on a short term, that’s for sure. Although it’s worth being healthy if you’re planning for the future. Which I do. I just got to the stage that I’m willing to live and the will to live sort of includes long term plans so I just have to stick to the diet. I have to be strong. Not to think of delicious chocolates of all sorts…
As you can see, dieting is not easy. I don’t believe people who say they’re not craving. Everybody craves. You just can’t give up. (unless someone turns up with a chocolate bar or chocolate cake or a muffin of a kilo of pure sugar because then you have no choice)
What I try to do if I have a sugar-rush I think of all the good things that will happen to me if I don’t give in: all the new clothes (in Bounty-blue colours), the new things I can do (running for 30 consecutive minutes so I can have a Bounty bar after that) and that amazing pair of eyes that’s set on me because I am beautiful. I will be beautiful once I have the body I’d like. Now I’m just the ugly duckling who’s growing (slimming) to be a swan…
(and my sugar-rush is over! YEAY!!!)


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