well, that’s me, in more ways:

1. I disappeared from my own blog as I just had neither energy nor inspiration to write anything
2. I lost weight!!! So I’m constantly disappearing πŸ™‚

I’ve been very tired in the last couple of weeks, having loads of work and many things to sort out and in the meantime I couldn’t sleep enough. I think I hit another bottom in my diet and it really hit me. I was comfort-eating (well, not that badly as before) and I felt miserable. I couldn’t go out running since I fell from the ceiling (which is fixed by now :D); at first because of my injury, then because I didn’t wait to be recovered properly I started running again but because I didn’t run properly I strained my hips and even walking hurts. I started doing some exercises at home but it wasn’t the best either. All my muscles hurt. So I’m kind of stranded. All I could do is to be really strict of my diet again (after two weeks of bingeing) and get back to my regular schedule.
As the weather is really nice I did go out this weekend to walk. Luckily I live close to nice places so I went toΒ  Exmouth to take a 2,5 hours walk (with some sitting on the beach, and top of the rocks) and it felt really good. Isn’t it awesome to walk on places like these?exmouth3 exmouth2

Uphill and down again, burning amazing 600 calories! πŸ˜€ and yesterday again, walking, slower, not that long distance. Today I just rest and go to do the grocery shopping.

Sun’s out again, so I just cover my sunburnt marks (it’s a decent raspberry colour) and I take a little walk on the way to do the shopping. Hello Summer, here I come!


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