So yesterday I was out running after two weeks of not doing any activity. I was very proud of me because although I’m back to week 1 plan I managed to do all the running sessions. All eight 60 seconds runs. Even the three uphills were completed. It was a pretty amazing feeling.
Today is painful. All the muscles in my legs just hurt. My hip aches at every step. And my injury is still not healed properly on my thigh. The first couple of steps of running (well, the first 40 seconds rather) were just a pain but then I just got used to it and kept running. I felt so proud after that. Actually I nearly started crying. It’s the same feeling when you go through a painful struggle or a long and hard way and in the end you just start crying because all the strength, fear, uncertainty and the rest of the emotional tornado must be released. Eventually I didn’t cry but I was close. This close. You see? I’m not strong either. I have weak moments and I just pretend to be strong all the time.
On the other hand, I haven’t done my yoga session yesterday but I did an extra 20 mins walk to Tesco and back. Yep, if you have car you can just leave it at home and walk a few minutes. Even if it’s a slow pace. I was slow yesterday because I felt tired.
When I got home today I did my yoga with Tara Stiles. Beginner’s level. It was easy, well mostly and I feel good now. I’ll do it again on Thursday. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is another trip to Tesco.
And I just found a new function on my kindle. Rather than typing the letters I can just ‘draw’ the words by pulling my f finger on the keyboard towards the letters I’m willing to use. We awesome! I love technology. Although I can’t use it.


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