There’s always a first for everything. Like the first steps, the first love, first love, etc. Sometimes the first one can be so god you just can’t resist doing it again and again. Sometimes it’s that bad you’re not willing to give it another go anymore. Maybe the third option is the most complicated. In this case you wouldn’t say it was good, neither was it bad you just feel you have to keep experimenting with it to make sure it’s your thing or not.

It’s no different with the tofu either. I had made my first tofu meal yesterday. It’s the complicated case. tofuI have to keep experimenting. It’s not salty enough although I put an awful lot of salt in it (on the other hand I managed to put a ridicolous amount of salt into the rice and it’s way too salty!). I think I didn’t fry it properly. I could have used more herbs on it as well however I’ve already used double of what I expected. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. It’s just not tasty. So I have to keep experimenting with it. To make sure whether I like it or not. I don’t think it would be favourite food at all but I’ll give it a go. Next time maybe in a salad. Moreover I’ve already found tofu with different herbs and spices so I’ll try them too.

But I think my choice of food for the weekend will be hamburger. Well, veggie burger. That’s going to be a challenge to keepbelow my calorie-limit. 🙂

Today is another first. After two weeks of just hanging around and doing nothing I’ll return to running. As I completely missed out two weeks of doing something (unless rolling from one side to the other very slowly counts as work-out) I’ll start on week one again to bring myself back to that level. As I was binging last week (using all the ‘saved’ calories from the last 5 weeks or so) I plan to do 10 minutes yoga every day as well. However it will only give like an extra 200 kcal for the whole week. 🙂 I know I should say I can’t wait to do exercise again and it will be so good but the truth is I have cold feet of returning to workouts. I’m a real couch-potato. I’m lazy and I like to be comfortable. Running and exercising is everything but not comfortable. Maybe one day it will be good but it’s just a misery now. On the other hand I found the other side of my ‘Rocky-stairs’ that leads up to the other side of the area I live in has half as many stairs as my side. Faith is just playing a really unfair game!!!


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