I’m a huge fan of modern art. I love classical art too but it is modern art that makes me think and look into things and brings me back to normality and reality.

I’ve just read some amazing news regarding a billion dollar donation of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The donation of modern art masterpieces includes pieces from Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris and Fernand Leger. This must be amazing. Picasso is one of my all-time favourite artist. He just amazes me. I have a secret crush on him. well, on his personality, talent and his paintings (maybe sculptures too…).

One of my favourite places in the world will be Tate Modern in London. When I was down and lost and desperate to find answers of my questions and needed some perspective to put my mind to the right place I always went to the Tate Modern. I’ll never forget my first visit. It was a thursday in June and I went there with my best friend. We were on the first floor and in the third room there was it. IT. THERE. 2 meters x 4 meters canvas. Painted in pink. One shade of medium pink. I was standing there. Staring at it. Amazed. That was the moment I realized I’m perfectly normal and ordinary. If people think this is art, they must be from another planet.
Eversince I was in trouble I just went there and I found my way back to reality by listening to an endless mix of noises of a toilet (yep, mainly No. 2 noises), or disgusting photos of cutting a pig into pieces and using its blood and fecal to cover somebody or watching dancers crawling among dead fish. Unforgettable.

Just like this beauty. irregular octagonA white irregular octagon shape on a white wall. Yep, that’s right. It is art. I don’t really understand why but the error must be in me. I’m sure about it. I’m just an ordinary person not understanding this high level of artistic expression. 🙂

But, I really like modern art. There are pieces I find valuable, like Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Miro. They’re amazing. I just sit and stare at their pieces. So Lauder’s donation is just amazing.
Let me finish today’s post with a quote from JP Morgan (yes, the banker JP Morgan who was an enthusiastic collector and philantropist as well) “No price is too high for an object of unquestioned beauty and known authenticity”


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