Well, still struggling with time-management and inspiration I share a story, a silly accident I had a while ago and I wrote about it then. I wear the same pair of heels today to the ones I wore on that particular morning.
I took  all my courage this morning and I’m wearing high heels today; one of my new pairs. Well, it’s been two months old, but today is the first time I actually wear it… So I put them on and I’ve already fell over in them. As I get off the bus there’s a long way to walk to get into the building, but I have a shortcut: I go through a 10 meters long, grassy, slight slope to get to the car park. I stepped in my heels on the soft, grassed area and approximately 4.1 seconds later I landed on my knees. Then I tried not to roll down or tumble down on the slope which I managed to avoid. Grabbing all the pride I have left while trying to stop the outbursting laugh I tried to stand up. Halfway up I felt my heels sinking again, knees in an impossible, useless and muscle-less angle not helping at all and carrying a heavy bag pulled me aside and made me lose balance again and I dropped down like a drunk donkey; this time on my bum in a half-lying position on my side. I saw drivers staring at me smiling. Well, giggling. So I tried to get up again and I took the narrow skirt challenge as well but I made it. so I picked up the bag quickly and I was just rushing into the building hiding in shame. And laughing. Giggling. And still giggling…


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