I changed my running shoes. The previous pair that I have for 11 years are just not comfortable for my running. So I tried my other pair and that’s much more better. So I change for those. I’ve started week 2 running plan, 90 secs running and 2 mins walking. Laura is still happy and she’s proud of me because I’m committed to my plan. I think I’ll stuck on week 2 for 2-3 weeks again. 90 seconds is longer than I thought, in some cases although I’m not that bad. I’m just not comfortable with the 90 secs runs, mainly not uphill. Uphill just doesn’t work. Running on plain or downhill is fine, I can do more than 90 secs (like 92 or so) but uphill I gave up at around 40 secs. The mixed works out sometimes, sometimes not.
However I made a decision: I start running an extra 90 secs running to make up for all the lost seconds on uphills. To be honest, although I’m moaning, the 90 secs running wasn’t that bad. Moreover it was kind of manageable. I made my Rocky-steps too! Well, not running yet but kind of jumping. Jumping as fresh and energetic as any 90 years old would do! 🙂

Now I’m off to an exam. I feel like I’m a rusty paperclip who just doesn’t what would happen. I have very mixed and rather dark feelings with this exam… I’m craving for chocolate again but I don’t eat any!!! well, just a tiny bit! 😀 well within the calorie-limits!

On the other hand, I have some good news too: My friend got married!!!! 😀 I wish a lot of love and happiness to her!!! 😀


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