So, my planned running schedule was for Friday evening but I had a work night out and although I got home fairly early because I have an exam on Tuesday which I have to prepare for, also I had some work to finish. Yet I was dedicated to go out running after getting home but I felt unwell. It felt like eating some bad food or drinking too much but none of those really happened. I only had two glasses of wine and a vegetarian lasagne tasting good. Yet, I was feeling unwell. No running, no studying and no working either. I went straight to bed.

Next morning I still wasn’t feeling well but I decided I give a go to the morning run again although I’m not a morning person.

my Rocky momentHonestly? It was the worst run ever. I didn’t have energy at all. I wanted to run just a shorter route, the same to the one I did the first sessions. Well, I improved a lot and that just didn’t prove to be long enough. So I was running in loops, not the normal go, straight ahead roads, turning back, trying to find where to find enough walkway to run. my third run was uphill, I gave it up after a shameful 10 seconds!!!! So I put the podcast back to run it again but I had to stop in the meantime. I gave up another run, around 50 seconds.
But I kept doing the session. I was around 40 secs in the next run when my phone fell out of my pocket so I had to stop again and I ended up restarting that run. I gave up the next one again. Uphill runnings totally put me out this time. So I went back in the podcast again and ran, this time downhill. In the end I think I’ve done the whole 8 minutes run, maybe 9 minutes or somewhere between the two but I wasn’t feeling alright. I felt exhausted and I hated running and everything at all.

The stars above will be my ‘Rocky-steps’. I made a promise to me that one day I will be able to run up. OK, it’s not like hundreds (not even 72) of them but it’s a pretty huge challenge at the moment, believe me! I was practically crawling up on them rather than walking slowly. But I keep my promise and one day I’ll run up at the end of my running session!

I made another promise: I would not go out running in the morning again! No way!


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