So, as you might have realised I can’t keep myself to the ‘no dinner’ rule as I did before my diet. Probably because I ate less than before so actually by the time I get home I just feel soo hungry!

Today I was doing great. I started morning with a chat to my housemate and then a 10 minutes yoga session for beginners which was really good. Although it was hard and painful. Well, I’m still not fit so I wouldn’t have expected anything. Then a quick face mask, a shower and by half 11 I was ready to have my breakfast: a huge portion of fresh salad (red onions, tomatoes, yellow pepper, a celery straw, cucumber, some soya yogurt and a Dr Karg crispbread – 220 kcal). For lunch I made two portions of noodles with soya sauce and stir fried crispy vegetables. One portion is huge. Literally huge!!! the best thing is it was only 373 kcal because I’ve used butter and olive oil as well to add a creamy taste. It was around 3 by the time I had my lunch and I had some desert as well, a small banana, blackberry and soya yogurt for 80 kcal and not much later I was off school.
There are amazing muffins in the college buffet and as I was craving for it I talked a lot about them to housemate and my mission was to buy some for her. They smelt so delicious (just a quick reminder, it’s like 550 kcal one muffin of those) but I didn’t touch them. I was really strong.
As I still had more than 500 kcal left for dinner after I got home from college I decided I deserved some treat for being soooo good. I had a Dr Karg slice again and I made a porridge with soya milk (Quaker’s Golden Syrup Oatmeal) with some cinnamon and a real treat: Chai Latte. All together 440 kcal and I still have 70 kcal left for the day.
Not to mention the 40 kcal I gained by doing yoga 😀

I feel supercool!!!


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