Well, nearly but Laura is really proud of me! I only gave it up twice. The second run uphill (-8 secs) and the 6th one also uphill (-20 secs) but I tried to made it up in the last run which was +22 secs. So only 6 seconds missing. I OFFICIALLY RUN 7 MINUTES AND 54 SECONDS!!!! AND I DIDN’T DIE IN THE MEANTIME!!!
I think that’s where I was supposed to start the Couch to 5K and I just got there. YEY!!!! I’m so proud of me!

I’ve started this diet a month ago and I fell out of the routine for a couple of days because of being ill and then I had to skip two weeks of running as well and yet I managed to loose weight! I wore a pair of trousers today and that was always very tight on me. Today it was comfortable, a bit lose on my thighs and hip. That’s definitely a sign of losing weight. I’m doing very well. These little success things make the whole diet worth and keep doing even if I feel sometimes I want to give it up.

I feel I’m starving for chocolates and yet I don’t eat it. I’m so proud of me! If I can do it you can do it too! It’s a struggle sometimes, it’s a huge commitment and it’s hard to do. The first three weeks were fun. I don’t think it’s fun anymore. I think I reached the psychological bottom. I just have to keep going. It’s working!!! 😀

Tomorrow I think I’ll do some yoga too in the morning… 😀


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