Gábor Garai

Even if I’m lied to a hundred times and
I’m disappointed a thousand times to whom
my heart I uncoated like a rose from its dream
And if the one I covered with my life
Betrays me,
and if my own son renounced,
and if I’m sold for not thirty silver coins
but one lousy one
by my dear friends,
and if hope cheats on me,
and if my failures force me on my knees,
and I curse the day I was born,
and if only the vengeance grows by gratitude,
and if slander surrounds me
I do not say it’s not worth it!

I do not say it’s not worth
believing in people, I do not say
I’d live on my own, in drear solitude, as cruel
the life is.

But wondering with quiet words I say:
My faith is a wide open gate
Suspicion can’t put a clamp on it
Everyone can come and go freely.

I would not honor one cheater who slipped in
to put guards on to protect from ten honest friend!
Who was muddied by weakness yesterday
can come in clean again today,
who came with a double-edged knife today,
may return tomorrow with a pure embrace.

No, I shall not preach soft mercy,
I shall not forgive of the evil,
no mercy on the liars either,
I cannot excuse
the tears of hypocracy
and I can’t stand the suicide affectation
neither the ambush of crude selfishness.

I rather praise sin perishes!
Like mammoths and dinosaurs in the past,
Crumbles hate and suspicion,
Our wrath will cool down
Only our love is the eternal remain.

And among all mortal weaknesses
Only the human itself immortal
Against all the unbearable agony
Its merciful castle is built on faith,
And in the endless struggle with itself
Only goodness proves haven to stay.


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