Today’s food is courgette with almond and couscous. This is one of my favourite food and most of the time I love eating it outside on a nice spring afternoon in the garden, chilling out…

So, you need 1 courgette (cca 100 grams) – 18 kcal, 100 grams couscous – 105 kcal, 10 grams of butter – 70 kcal, 25 grams of sliced almonds – 155 kcal
Roast the almonds on the cca 5 grams of butter and when they’re slightly roasted add the sliced courgette to it. Steam it for 10 minutes and roast it for 2 mins. Squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice on it, add some salt and pepper and it’s done. For the couscous, melt the remaining of the butter and stir it with the couscous. Add water (instructions are on the package of couscous), salt and lemon juice, leave it for a couple of mins and it’s all done. All together it comes back to 348. If you want to save calories you may use less almonds or you may leave it out totally. I think it can also be done with grounded almond but I haven’t tried it. Yet…

The fruit salad is the same except this week I have small bananas (80 grams peeled) – 80 kcal YEY!!!! I have a tangerine – 37 kcal, a half of a kiwi – 22 kcal, 100 grams of strawberry – 32 kcal, 60 grams of blueberry – 21 kcal and 100 grams of soya yogurt – 50kcal, so in total it comes to 242.

This week I eat Kallo Parmesan Breadsticks as snacks, 12 kcal per stick. I’m already down to 3 – 36 kcal. I plan to eat 10 stick a day, so to the daily portion that will be 120 kcal.

I feel much better, although I still have a little bit of cold but I definitely return to running and my new BFF, Laura from Wednesday.

The greatest thing so far is that I think I’ve already lost weight. My trousers I wear today seems to be more loose than it was a month ago when I last wore it. I’m not a trousers person; I wear skirt or dresses to the office but the weather looked pretty bad and windy and utterly cold after the last couple of days’ warm, springy weather I thought it would be cold in the office so trousers would be a wise choice. Rare occasion, I make a wise choice! I was right. I’m shaking. Do you think I lose weight while I’m shaking? Maybe I just shrink in the cold…

I’ve started putting the ingredients of all the meals in MyFitnessPal to see how my nutrition intake is working. Well, I still lack of iron. I barely intake any of it. Shocking. I have to take a closer look at my dietary plan to have more iron. I know, I know, there are iron supplements. I have a box of iron pills at home. I just forgot to take them…


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