As it’s Saturday and I’ve been doing so well in my diet so far (except during sickness) I decided I deserve some proper feast! For a Saturday evening movie I usually eat some snacks, crisps, chocolates, anything and I have proper meals lasting for hours I wanted to have something, so I started to save the calories in the morning:

– 1 banana – 100kcal
– 2 slices of Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread – 38 kcal
– 120 grams of Alpro soya yogurt – 50 kcal

And then I went to do my grocery shopping from the prepared list I made based on the strict lunch plan. Once getting home again I made a very quick low calories food (well, in a slightly higher portion than I planned as I used some leftover, broken pieces of noodles as well)
– 1,2 portion of noodles – 260 kcal
– 10 grams of butter – 70 kcal
– 1 garlic clove – 4 kcal
– 4 baby plum tomatoes – 10 kcal
– some soya sauce
I cooked the noodles. in the meantime I quickly roasted the smashed garlic and then added the tomatoes (cut in half) to roast another 30 secs, and quickly added the noodles and some soya sauce, fried them for a minute or two. I mixed it with the chopped parsley and it was ready to eat:


It looks like a bunch of earthworms according to one of my friends. He’s sooo sweet, isn’t he?!

For the dinner I saved my favourite food. Houmous. Houmous is a strictly forbidden food for me as I can eat loads and it has a lot of calories. a tiny little pot contains 130 kcal, and that’s the low fat-low calorie version. I’m doomed! Why does everything have to be calorie-boosted that tastes good??? Chocolate, wine, houmous, bread, pizza, pasta…
The first time I ate houmous I didn’t like it. It was 8 years (or so) ago. I ate it in a gyros (I wasn’t always vegetarian!) and I didn’t like it. I just didn’t get why my friend is so obsessed with it. The next time I ate gyros I understood it. It didn’t have houmous in it and I just felt something was missing from it. I fell for houmous… Forever!
So the fact I can’t eat houmous is kind of a disaster but now I managed to find a way! I replaced my cheese-bits with vegetables, the breadslices with breadstick and crackerbread and that’s what I have
veggie feast

What you see in here is:
– 4 baby plum tomatoes – 10 kcal
– 2 pots of HOUMOUS – 260 kcal
– 10 breadsticks (Kallo breadsticks with parmesan/12 kcal per stick) – 120 kcal
– 2 slices of Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread sliced – 38 kcal
– 6 olives stuffed with pimento – 49 kcal
– 3 celery straws – 21 kcal
– 1 smaller carrot – 24 kcal
– 1/3 of a cucumber sliced – 15 kcal

TTL 537 kcal. I told you, it’s a real feast! 😀

Now I’m off to watch a movie! 😀


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