As I’m still struggling with a cold but I decided it’s just too boring to stay at home any longer I return to the office from today to keep fighting with the alliance of my bosses and colleagues how crap I look. This also means I’m feeling OK to return to my diet. On Friday evening I just ate a very low calorie, very hot and very chilli fuelled soup. Saturday was proper indulging in food, I ate throughout the day like 2500 calories. I had a fair portion of high-calorie + high vitamin boosted shake with soya milk and pasta with loads of garlic and chocolate and breadsticks with fraiche cream. So indulging. Sunday was more successful with like 1800 calories, Monday around 1700 and today I’m around 1300 kcal. So I’m getting back to my diet slowly anyway.
I had to cook some lunch for tomorrow which was kind of challenging with not functioning nose and tasting like somewhat of a guesswork. I made, the first time ever in my life noodles with stir fried vegetables and soy sauce. It’s utterly disgusting. Well, it’s probably my fault as I had no clue how to do that. I’ve always seen the final ‘version’ but never the process. I burned my supposedly steaming vegetables a little bit and I don’t know if I added the right portion of soy sauce. The butter I used burnt a bit too. It may be too salty. The noodles seem to be ok. 1 serve is 217 kcal. I used 2 as I cooked for two days which also means I have to cook on Thursday after college. Big yay for me! I didn’t really count the calories but I used the following:
A half of a broccoli, cca 10 green beans, 2 tat sois (the green thingy I didn’t know how to use. I still don’t know), a celery-straw, some sesame seeds, a little (no more than 5 grams) butter, some salt and dark soy sauce. I would make it around 160 kcal all together, mainly because of the butter so 1 portion is 300 kcal. At least low calories. I think the next time I try to do it I’ll buy some prepared vegetables sachet rather than mixing myself. My housemates’ ones looked a far cry better.
The breakfast salad is something usual, I don’t make much of a change: pineapple, banana, blueberry, some strawberry and yogurt (which I always try to spell as yougurt), all comes to 235 kcal. Plus I had an extra yogurt with me 100 kcal.
My cracker for the week is Jacob’s multiseed cracker, 43 kcal per slice.
I really plan to prepare a weekly meal plan for next week so I can do the proper shopping this time.
I’m not back to running yet but probably from Saturday. My Friday evening is busy and I don’t think I’ll be alright enough to run after I get home…

I admit I forgot to take a picture in the morning because I was late (again) so I’ll update the post later in the evening. hence this somewhat edible food is what I have for tomorrow lunch. Haven’t I burnt the butter and the vegetables this meal would be alrightish I think but this way it’s just the somewhat edible category. Somewhat salty. Tasting is not back fully yet but what I feel is too salty…


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