Eureka!!! I have it! Well, probably it’s not my invention but it’s loads of food, low-calorie! Amazing! Huge-huge portion. And it tastes good!


It’s awesome, isn’t it? I cooked it yesterday evening. Cooking on a school-night is pretty much of a shock as I get home around 9pm, washed out, practically brain-dead. That’s why I don’t put cooking for school nights on my weekly routine. This time I messed it up. It could be a huge warning as well that ‘Laziness always comes with consequences’ because that’s why I made my lazy pasta on Wednesday evening. It also made me aware of forward planning again. 😀
So, the ingredients and the calories. Ready?
– 75 grams (uncooked) of basmati&wild rice – 257 kcal
– 1 broccoli (cca 200 grams) – 76 kcal
– 10 ml olive oil – 82 kcal
– 1 onion (cca 100 grams) – 40 kcal
– celery straws (100 grams) – 7 kcal
Cook the rice, and in the meantime in another hob cook the broccoli. Start half frying and half steaming the chopped onion and chopped celery straws. When everything’s cooked, soft and tasty, mix them together and ready to eat of your 462 kcal in total. Easy, isn’t it? It takes like 30 mins to do it. However 75 grams of rice is one serving with all these vegetables it becomes two smaller portions. One for lunch and one for dinner. If you want ‘normal’ portions just add an extra 25 grams of rice, that’s an extra 100 kcal cca. You can add different seasing and herbs, I used thyme this time.
As I was superhungry yesterday all day and I was superhungry when I prepared it I took ¾ of the whole in my lunchbox which seems a fairly huge portion for lunch. But I’m hungry and I’m coming down with a cold anyway and I have a sore throat and my head hurts and according to my boss I look like crap. My colleagues confirmed it too. Lovely they are, aren’t they?
So, I have 346.50 kcal for lunch and 115.50 for dinner.
I felt the urge to eat loads of food for breakfast, so I made the following fruit salad for today (only to take more vitamins in! seriously!):
– 1 banana – 100 kcal
– 150 grams of strawberries – 42 kcal
– 50 grams of blueberries – 18 kcal
– pomegranate 27 grams – 14 kcal
– soya yogurt 150 grams – 76 kcal
TTL – 250 kcal

I’m up to two coffees today and I don’t think I’d drink more as I start feeling very crap and paracetamol doesn’t seem to work, so that stops at 40 kcal. Does paracetamol have any calories in it???
Well, in total for today including lunch and dinner and breakfast and my almondy bar 893 kcal. And I just ate a thin Ryvita multiseed crispbread thingy for 37 kcal which is 920 kcal. I start to get the idea that I’m struggling with 1200 kcal but I’m clearly not starving (well, only because I was used to eat a lot) and I’m eating vegetables and fruits as well, and yogurt and seeds and nuts.
If I’m feeling very poorly in the evening I may eat a pot of soup in the evening, cca 270 kcal but I’m not sure. I may just fall asleep. I’m definitely not going out running tonight, I defer it for tomorrow, hoping I’ll feel better.
I have to look into superfoods. They’re like broccoli, blueberry, strawberry. They’re very good for us and that’s great but chocolate is very good and practically that comes from a vegetable (cocoa-bean, right?) and that’s not a superfood. Maybe chocolate is a supererfood hence kind of prohibited…


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