I chased a fox twice. Same place, same fox within half an hour. I must have looked scary in my trainers, and jogging trousers (huge change from office style), hoodies with my pink scarf and knitted hat. Well, I’m not a sporty kind, I don’t have too much of sportswear.
Yes, guess is right, I was out for the second running session. I feel exhausted. I gave up the running twice but I managed to achieve 6 x 60 secs runs and 2 x 40 secs ones. Everything hurts but this time I just didn’t feel to break down and cry. I just feel tired.
My colleague said today my walk is a bit of John Wayne style. Well, I show him tomorrow what is John Wayne style walking. If I’ll be able to walk at all.

Although it hurts and everything aches and I feel tired and I feel I want to give it up and sit on the top of a huge hill of Thornton’s caramel shortbread and chocolate brownie and just keep eating them with Ben&Jerry’s ice-creams and cheese twist and pizzas and whatever else I can just find until I die, I won’t give up. I’ll keep running. Well I try to run. It’s like walking now although I’m getting better.

You know, when I was a child I was told to dream big things, aim for greatness. I always wanted to run the New York marathon. It seemed huge. Something challenging. Something unachievable. Now, that I started to run, it still feels unachievable. But I never gave up that secret dream and maybe, one day I will feel I can run the marathon. Any marathon. I mean like 12 minutes without stopping! That would be so awesome. According to Laura, my new BFF (my personal coach voice) I’ll be able to do that in 6 weeks from now. HAHA! No way. I’d give like 9 weeks to me. And you know what? I’m still pretty good with that. The couch potato who dared to dream to run 12 whole minutes. Like a marathon. If I were Usain Bolt and I’d be able to run with his top speed the whole way through it would only take 67 minutes to run the marathon. I’m not Usain Bolt and I’ll never be. and I won’t be Paul Tergat either (who I actually met a couple of years ago) 🙂 So I just keep running in my own pace.

I thought I’d never say this but I feel better after this run than the first one. I don’t wait for the next session but I think in a couple of weeks time I’ll be eager to go out running. I start liking it.

Moreover, I treated myself with a superamazing shake:
banana – 100 kcal
strawberries – 26 kcal (it was less than 100 grams)
pomegranate – 14 kcal
200 ml soya milk – 82 kcal
222 in TTL which means I ate 1228 calories today.
Finally MyFitnessPal doesn’t say I’m starving myself. 🙂 You saw it, I wasn’t starving!

And I have some really nice lunch for tomorrow. Watch this space!


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