I prepared nearly the same salad for this morning as the other day and that’s how it looked like (just to have an idea what and how much I eat):

The ingredients and calories:
a handful of spinach – 7 kcal
6 raw round green beans – 20 kcal
100 grams strawberries – 28 kcal
half of a medium avocado – 135 kcal
150 grams plain soya yogurt – 93 kcal
6 leaves of tat soi – 5 kcal
1 celery stick – 6 kcal
broccoli (a few smaller sticks and heads) – 25 kcal
TTL: 319

To be honest I’m not really a salad person and by the end of the breakfast I just felt myself being a goat: eating green stuff. Well, at least it lasted for a long time…
I still have 881 calories to go! It’s very important to eat enough calories otherwise the body will go into starvation mode and you’ll burn less than what you want. On the other hand it’s not healthy to starve yourself and eat small portions of low calorie food as it may cause serious damage to your body, your internal organs and in extreme cases it may lead to death. I know it’s not nice to talk about it but it’s important to raise awareness for dangers of dieting as well. So the motto is lose weight and stay healthy!

As I’m back at work tomorrow I have to cook some lunch for tomorrow as well so I decided to cook my newly found favourite: barley risotto. As I have some (some more) mushrooms as well I’ll make this mushroom risotto:

The only change I make is I wouldn’t use rice but pearl barley. I’ll make it and calculate the calories (it will be an estimate though only because I use more fresh mushrooms and less dried, pearl barley rather than arborio rice and less butter). Once it’s done I’ll upload a photo of it and tell how many calories are there in it. It should be around 430 I recon… It’s very important to prepare more vegetable/mushroom stock than for the rice as barley takes more and I used 125 grams of barley for the 2 serves.
and that’s how it looks like. 1 serve, I’m nearly full with it although I’ve eaten only the half of it:
mushroom risotto
Sorry, the photo is not my best but I’m in bit of a rush. I’m off to college soon and I have to get ready.

I’ll have a smoothie in the evening and then I’m done for the day…


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