I gave up on liquid day for today because I wasn’t prepared well for that. I decided to make a salad for breakfast:
a handful of spinach – 7 kcal
6 raw round green beans – 20 kcal
100 grams strawberries – 28 kcal
half of a medium avocado – 135 kcal
150 grams plain soya yogurt – 93 kcal
6 leaves of tat soi – 5 kcal
2 slices of wholegrain crackerbreads – 72 kcal
TTL – 360 kcal

I’ll have a soup for lunch again. I bought a few pots of soups (because I’m lazy to cook) yesterday and I keep eating them. 1 pot is 500 ml and it’s around 260 kcal. Today I had vegetable soup with vegetable chunks (262 kcal) with 1,5 slices of Dr Karg Crispbread (162 kcal) so I’m totalling at 784 at the moment.

I haven’t done any exercising yet and I’m kind of getting cold feet of running. I was so excited about it but as we’re getting closer to the day to start running I try to find excuses not to do that. I’m pretty good at creating these lame reasons why not to go. I must be strong. and I feel the urge to eat loads of chocolates and muffins now and keep hiding in bed not to meet anyone or talk anyone. I think I just go and feed on some fruit salad for the moment.


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