So, after having a calorie-boosted smoothie in the morning I headed into town to my hairdresser who created a gorgeous look to my head. She told me about a diet which she’s been doing since the beginning of the year and I’ll look into that soon as well. It may give some clever ideas or advice. It’s also important to say doing a diet and keeping a diet plan is a hard work, you really have to be committed. What I really don’t like in diet-books, programmes, videos, anything is they all say it’s easy. It’s not. So if you fail a couple of times it’s just OK. The important thing is to keep going on with your plan, and if you fail and you indulge yourself on 10000 kcal chocolate portion a day because you feel down (it can happen. bad day, heartbreak, everyone hates you, etc) the next day just go back to your diet. Don’t punish yourself, don;t starve yourself, act as normal. Don’t feel guilty about it! OK, feel a little bit guilty but don’t overreact it!

In the meantime I figured out I’d keep a liquid day today. I set up a 1500 kcal target for liquid days in my mind. I think liquid diets are good for the body and good for you as well. If you want to hold a liquid day or liquid weekend you have to prepare for it. Mine is a crash one now which is highly not recommended. the next time I do a liquid day I’ll talk through the whole process how to prepare. I expected to fail today to be honest but I’m doing pretty well.

I had a mushroom soup for lunch: 500 ml – 268 kcal
I’ve just made a juice for myself with my housemate’s new juicer. It looked like a swamp – quite disgusting. Though the taste was kind of OK. It won’t be my favourite that’s for sure. The ingredients of Swamp-juice:
– 2 slices of pineapple – 80 kcal (best estimate I could find)
– 150 grams strawberries – 50 kcal
– 75 grams blueberries – 45 kcal
– 1 carrot – 30 kcal
– 2 celery straws – 12 kcal
– 1 banana – 100 kcal
– 1 handful of fresh spinach – 7 ( I think it’s less actually because this is for 30 grams)
TTL – 600 ml Swamp-juice – 324 kcal with loads of iron and vitamin

Actually I only took 500 ml from the juice, the rest went for my housemate, so it’s 270.
It means my total for the day is 950. Oh boy! I’m starving! It’s definitely a bad plan.

I think I get another quick smoothie, well, rather a banana shake.
I’m considering doing liquid day tomorrow as well but that may not work out.

The plan for the grocery shopping was to make some good advice and show it in practise how an effective, well planned grocery shopping for the week look like. I must say I failed. I didn’t have time to plan the shopping so I ended up buying healthy looking food all around the shop. That how my shopping cart looked like at the end.


Way too much food! I guess it’s likely if you start a diet or any new eating habit you just buy loads of food. I ended up stocking on vegetables and fruits (strawberries and blueberries were on sale!) so I have to find the right type of meals for them. Like vegetable juices. 🙂

Actually I found plain soya yogurt which is a huge success. So I can start creating my own delicious ‘snacks’.
As I have a couple of days off work I decided to make a diet-plan, a meal-plan rather for the next couple of weeks. I try to make 2-3 weeks of different weekly plan so you/I won’t be bored with it and I’ll post the recipes daily with pictures and some comments.

Now I’m off to make my shake otherwise I collapse. Simply just writing about food makes me feel desperately hungry. I want a muffin. Is there anything like liquid muffin out there? If not I definitely have to invent it somehow, in a ‘format’ that doesn’t look disgusting! There’s a market gap for this.

Oh, by the way I bought some tsai tai. It’s a green, salad looking thingy. Any idea what to do with it???!!!


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