I love you and my heart is still broken because of the way you reacted. I offended you, it was unintentional. I’m sorry. You gave upon me because of that, which is your decision, so I accept it.

However I would like to say thank you for teaching me a lesson. Thank you for helping exploring me, exploring what lies beneath. I can work with my issues now. Thank you for being my friend for that very good 6 months. Thank you for being strong when I couldn’t be. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the scrambled eggs, the breakfasts, the dinners and the coffees. Thank you for the potato-pasta. For the wines. Thank you for caring. Thank you for the poems. Thank you for the photos, the inspirations and the emotions. Thank you for the jokes, pokes, smiles and outbursting laughs. I’m thanking you for helping me open up again to try trusting people. Thank you for showing a new direction in my life. Thank you for opening my eyes and showing me I can be strong. Thank you for the blusher. Thank you for accepting all my silliness and stupidity. Thank you for you.

Although it hurts, it sucks and the mere idea of thinking of you makes me tremble yet I say thank you. The anger, the pain, the heartbreak and the disappointment goes away with time but all those above will remain with me. I will remember losing a good friend but because of all those good things we’ve done together.

Also thank you for introducing comfort-eating Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food. It’s awesome! And for The Vermonster.


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