I think the first thing I have to integrate to my daily routine is to start counting calories, regardless what I eat at the moment.

The habit is calorie counting is not that easy sometimes. Due to my allergies and love for cooking (I’m not a good chef to be honest. I tend to re-write the recipes or just try to remember them. Outcome is kind of OK most of the times…) you just eat a banana and you have no clue whether it’s classed as middle sized one, or a small one or a large one. As for the bananas I go for 100 calories.

This website gives a good guideline on some fruits:


Generally if I don’t know how many calories are in a food I search for that online. Google is my best friend. J I scroll through a couple of pages, comparing the results and I go for an average if it’s really different. Sometimes you just have to estimate it. After a while you’ll be better in estimating if you read the calories for a couple of weeks. Ben&Jerry’s has 200-240 calories/100ml. 😀 This means I don’t have to say no for a little ice-cream either. I don’t think restrictions work well in a diet.

The other important thing is to set up the target calorie intake. The general guideline on calorie-intake for a day is 2000 calories. That is a lot. It’s like eating two margherita pizzas a day or so. You’re also supposed to do a daily 20-25 minutes workout. To lose weight you have to go below 2000 calories! If you don’t do workouts 2000 is too much anyway. I sit. All day, every day. I sit 8 hours at work + 2-3 hours at school in the evenings twice a week. I sit in a car or on the bus or on the train. I’m pretty good at sitting by now.

I have a cookbook (rarely used…) called the Italian Diet. It advises 1500 calories a day. I aim for 1200 calories as I rarely have time for workouts and I sit all day. Although the target is 1200 I wouldn’t be too strict on it, mainly at the beginning but I wouldn’t go above 1400 a day which still leaves me 100 spare calories for a day for estimation errors.

But really, the target is 1200 a day.

Based on this let’s see what I had today:

As I feel I’m coming down with a cold I ate a banana – 100 calories

I’m addicted to coffee (I try to cut back though! Seriously!): 4 coffees + 1 tea – 200 calories (40/cup from the vending machine. A black coffee has 3-4 I think, 1 sugar – 20 and the rest is for the milk-powder)

2 Soya yoghurts – 200 calories (they’re around 93-95-98, something)

Cheese & onion pasties (bitesize) – 80 calories (hard to resists for a colleague’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby, diploma, anything else)

I cooked gnocchi with tomato&chilli sauce yesterday. I’ve already calculated it’s cca 400 calories for my portion for lunch. I simply added the calories per ingredient. It’s on the package for all the foods I bought. Except onion… with a little calculation you can pretty well estimate the total calories.

I had a desert as well, which was a Nature Valley bar, crunchy and Sweet almond, calories: 140

 So, I’m up to 1040 for today and I’m full. I still have a bag of crisps in my drawer; that’s an extra 120 calories.

As I said before I plan to skip dinners. Although because of my cold I may make a smoothie from fresh fruits at home. Calculating the calories for that will be a pain. I may just stick to a cup of soup. 90 calories – tomato, mozzarella and chilli. 😀

I should go out for a walk. If the weather stays nice I may do. Yesterday I walked to a shop. 10 mins there and 10 mins back. It was good. I rarely do any shoppings there. I like quality food and I’m not convinced by Tesco’s quality food. It may be just my deranged and posh taste. But yesterday was emergency. Emergency Ben&Jerry’s!


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