One bright Monday morning: I got up at 6:12 as usual and I had a shower and I washed my hair. I wash it every day anyway… I put on my moisturiser, the thermo protection hair oil and the body lotion. I put on my underwear and I went down to the kitchen to make my lunch. Salad with cheese. Vegetables – cut. Cheese – cut. I opened the fridge and took the bottle of salad cream out. I opened it to see if it’s still ok to eat. It was. So I put the cap back but not properly. I rather just placed it there…which I didn’t notice and I started to shake it. The cupboard, the floor, my chest, bra, back all covered in salad cream and also a big splash on the top of my head too. I had a very important meeting in the morning so I couldn’t be late. I had 32 mins to take another shower, wash hair again, have a breakfast, dry my hair, straighten it, dress up, put on makeup and catch the bus… I made it 🙂 and meeting went well. And I cut my hand with some invoices…


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